Health & Safety

*A note on swine flu

To download a copy of our swine flu policy, please click here. We recommend all Group Leaders and teachers read this document before departure.


Your safety is our main priority. You may feel in awe of Russia, particularly if this is the first trip you are taking there. You can rest assured however that we have travelled the exact same itinerary you will be embarking on many times and we know your trip inside out. We have stayed in the hotels you will be in, we know the people that work there. We have travelled on the same overnight train route you will be on. We have been driven around Moscow and St Petersburg on the same coaches you will be on, with the same drivers. We have eaten at the same restaurants you will be eating at, many many times! Best of all, we have hand-picked our favourite guides from years of guided tours in these cities and we trust them implicitly with the most important thing of all - you! Your guide will know your full schedule well in advance and will look after you from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. They all speak fluent English and will take good care of you and your students.

Inspection Trips

We regularly visit Russia to make sure all our suppliers are up to our high standards. We have worked with the same suppliers for many years now and have excellent working relationships and a reliable underswith them. We travel on school trips every year to ensure that we are still offering the same level of service you expect from us.

We leave nothing to chance and every moment of your trip to Russia will be planned down to the very finest detail.


There is a fairly limited choice of hotels we can use for student groups in Moscow and St Petersburg. This is good from the point of view that we know them all intimately. Some of us have even stayed in these same hotels 20 years ago! It is also good because each company selling such tours to Russia has exactly the same choice of hotels, so the hotels themselves are extremely used to accommodating student groups from England.

We visit and inspect these hotels at least once a year. Our local guides are in the hotels regularly throughout the year and hear all the news directly from our clients which they then pass on to us. Please see our accommodation section for more information on the hotels we use.

All hotels are compliant with local and national fire and safety regulations.


We only use coaches fitted with seatbelts on all our tours. Although this is not a requirement locally, and they are slighly more expensive, we prefer to know that all our clients have the use of a seatbelt for peace of mind. All drivers are extremely experienced in negotiating the streets and traffic of Moscow and St Petersburg.

Overnight Train

Generally one of the highlights of the trip! Many trains on this route have been upgraded in recent years. One teacher expressed disappointment that the trains were so modern and new as he had prepared his group for a real Soviet experience. The toilets are cleaner, the beds are new and the cabins look more like Ikea than Russia. Granted, not all trains have been renovated to such a high standard. There are around 10 departures every evening between Moscow and St Petersburg. All trains have however cleaned up their act, making the journey a much more pleasurable experience. All compartments can be locked twice from inside allowing you to sleep in peace.
Note: Your guide will assist you and your group with getting onto the train. They will not leave until the train starts to pull out of the station. The moment you step onto the platform at your destination, your new local guide will be there to meet you. If you would like us to provide someone (a Russian speaker) to travel with your group for peace of mind we can arrange this.

Excursions & Free Time

Your local guide will be at your hotel in the morning and be with you all day until your return to the hotel in the evening. They will be responsible for all excursions and help with lunch options and setting meeting points and times. You will have their local mobile number and will be able to contact them directly.

24 Hour Emergency Number

Before your departure you will be provided with all the contact details for your trip, including our 24 hour emergency contact number whilst abroad.


Whilst not required, travellers to Russia are advised to have up-to-date vaccinations for tetanus-diphtheria, hepatitus A and typhoid fever, as well as medications for travellers' stomach upsets. Water for drinking and brushing teeth should be treated; bottled water is readily available. In case of emergency and the need for hospitalisation, both Moscow and St Petersburg have international standard hospitals.

Our Insurance

Russian City Breaks has a Total Payment Protection Policy with Travel & General  Insurance Company. This policy protects all our clients' payments under the 1992 UK Package Regulations.

Risk Assessment

Russian City Breaks has carried out its own comprehensive risk assessment of the Russian Classic trip. We have created this with our teachers in mind and will email you a copy should you need, to help you with your risk assessment.

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