h1. Promotional Materials

RCB Brochure 2011 / 2012

For an emailable version of our new brochure, please click hereRCB Brochure 2011/12 email version. This file is reduced in size (3.7MB) to make it easier to download and forward by email to colleagues.

To request a printed copy of the brochure to be sent to you by mail
please click here.



These posters are free for you to use to promote your school trip to Russia. They may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.

Large A2 posters for display (includes space for you to add your name as point of contact)

Note: These files can be printed professionally. If you are not able to print them at school, please ask us to send you some by mail.

Large poster 1 thumbnail                     Large poster 2 thumbnail
Poster 1 (35.3MB)            Poster 2 (4.4MB)

Large poster 3 thumbnail                     Large poster 4 thumbnail
Poster 3 (75.6MB)            Poster 4 (71.1MB)

Medium A3 posters with white area for notes
(meeting time, place, date of trip, contact person etc)

Poster 1 thumbnailPoster 1 thumbnail                     Poster 2 thumbnail                     Poster 3 thumbnail
Poster 1 (21.5MB)            Poster 2 (12.2MB)            Poster 3 (17.5MB)

Poster 4 thumbnail                     Poster 5 thumbnail                     Poster 6 thumbnail
Poster 4 (20.4MB)            Poster 5 (15.5MB)            Poster 6 (21.2MB)

Poster 7 thumbnail                     Poster 8 thumbnail                     Poster 9 thumbnail
Poster 7 (16.7MB)            Poster 8 (20.5MB)            Poster 9 (11.9MB)

Poster 10 thumbnail                     Poster 11 thumbnail                    Poster 12 thumbnail 
Poster 10 (14.2MB)          Poster 11 (43MB)            Poster 12 (26.1MB)

Poster 13 thumbnail                     Poster 14 thumbnail                     Poster 15 thumbnail
Poster 13 (31.1MB)          Poster 14 (24.9MB)         Poster 15 (20.2MB)


Call us - 0161 491 0266 info@russiancitybreaks.co.uk