RCB Tour Managers

Russian City Breaks can provide your group with a Tour Manager ("TM") for the duration of your stay in Russia. The TM's role is to facilitate the smooth running of your trip, to be available to answer any questions, to assist in any way. The TM will meet you at the airport along with your local guide, and will accompany you throughout your trip, staying at the same hotels as your group and travelling on the overnight train between cities if included. Our TMs form a close bond with both teachers and students alike and groups who have used the services of our TMs in the past are always delighted that they did so. We particularly recommend TM's for first time Group Leaders or those visiting Russia with a school group for the first time. The cost is generally between £25 and £40 per person, depending on group size. Please email us for more information.

Yana Ogannisyan, RCB Tour Manager
Yana is our chief Tour Manager in Russia. She has a wealth of experience accompanying groups around Moscow and St Petersburg in particular,  having begun her career in 1998 working as an English speaking guide on Russian River Cruises. She is used to working with our school groups and  diligently looks after every one of our groups entrusted to her care. An English teacher by profession, Yana's communication and language skills are of the highest quality. She enjoys working with our groups and her aim is to ensure that everyone returns home with a fantastic impression of their visit to Russia.


Yana and her group outside hotel in St Petersburg

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