Russia Migration Cards

Last updated 18.12.13

All foreign nationals entering Russia must be in possession of a completed migration card which is produced electronically at passport control in the major airports. Provincial airports may still require you to complete the migration card manually. The card is in two identical parts. One part will be retained by the Immigration Officer on arrival. You should keep the other part with your passport; you will need it when you leave Russia and if you are stopped by the police for an ID check during your stay. There are many hotels and hostels that will not check in guests if they don’t have the stamped white immigration card with them. You must complete a new migration card each time you enter Russia, even if you have a multiple entry visa. If you lose the second part of the card you will be fined, and your departure from the country could be delayed.

Helpful notes on filling out the card

Should you need to fill the card out manually, most of the questions are straightforward, but there are one or two which require some clarification.

  • Patronymic – please ignore
  • Visa number – this is the number on your visa which begins with Cyrillic letters, also known as “Visa ID"
  • Name of host person or company, locality – here you should write “Unicorn Moscow 000249”. This is the name of our partners in Russia and their official tour agent reference number.
  • Duration of stay – should match the dates on your visa


*Important: both parts of the card must be completed identically*

Sample Russia Migration Cards

 Russia Migration Card sample


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